Working in a Series: My First Step

Posted on: February 9th, 2014 by deborah 2 Comments
UrbanWildFlowers in progress by GraysonStudios (c) 2014.

UrbanWildFlowers in progress by GraysonStudios (c) 2014.

View of my work table:  While working on Salt I have also decided to bring back a Grayson Studios collector favorite —  the Urban Wildflower  line. These figures have been reworked to allow for more movement. They are designed to be displayed on the wall or they can sit and be posed for display. All new Urban Wildflowers will be available on this website in March. Images from the Salt series coming up in future posts. #UrbanWildFlower Dolls  #GraysonStudios


For the last 18 months I have had a story rolling around in my head for a new body of work. After several tentative attempts, I am now at the point where I am want to work full out on this project. The series is called Salt. During the next 18 weeks I will use this blog to tell the story of Salt and to show how the story unfolds. I am using clay, natural fibers, seeds and pods for my materials. At the end of 18 weeks the goal is to have 15 figures built. Ambitious but I am going for it. The beauty of working in a series is that it pushes you to avoid the temptation of trying to do too much in one piece. I am looking forward to this being a contemplative and vigorous process where I work through my ideas in 3-D. Could be a scary proposition! lol. Feeling very vulnerable on this one. I am pretty sure that is a sign that I am headed in the right direction. To see more sneak peeks into my studio as well as more in-progress photos be sure to follow Deborah Grayson Studios on facebook.


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  1. Karen Davis says:

    Will Lizz Wright’s Salt be the background music for the series? lol Keeping with a Series is one of my most challenging things to do…have yet to fully get one complete or even near complete.

    • deborah says:

      You know me well, Karen Davis! Her song is part of my inspiration for how I came to this series. I think the challenging part for me is deciding how far to go in each piece before I move on to the next one. Sitting here contemplating that vey thing right now :).

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